Encumberance theory

So I tested how encumberance would affect my attacks/damage. Why is this interesting? Well, I wanted to find out if using a real heavy club is ALWAYS worth it because it has higher damage, and at what weight point is it not worth it anymore.
I found the following: (let's say my character has 5,5 base attacks)

Weapon hierarchy chart

This is a table of a weapons purely theoretical potential base damage output, assuming 2 extra attacks (HoK + AoC). I'm presenting this list with a rating, expressed by how many percent of the ICs damage each weapon has. The formulae is simple: (Min dmg + max dmg) / 2 = average dmg. Avg dmg * attacks = avg dmg/rnd. Please note this list does not take into account any extra str bonuses (from shield or weapon) or any encumberance penalties.


The Realm: Reawakened

The Realm's creator wants to remake "The Realm Online"

Stephen Nichols, the original designer and developer of The Realm Online, showed up and wants to create a spiritual successor of The Realm.

It was published by Sierra On-line back in 1996 and used the familiar and accessible point-and-click adventure style popularized by the Kings Quest game series. This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Realm Online's commercial launch. The current owners of the game have allowed it to lapse into deep neglect. The servers aren't staying up and the game is on it's last legs.

Spam attack

Spambots have been attacking the site lately, filling up the Forum with junk.

I've changed from a simple image captcha to Googles reCAPTCHA, hopefully it will solve the problem. If your account has been deleted, try registering again. I might have mistaken you for a spambot when I purged the accounts.

Thank you.


Silvercat's 3-man Dragon Pit Guide

I've successfully cleared DP a couple of times using this setup, without dying (much). I've built my DP team over time, and experimented with a few setups. I think I've found the minimum required setup, there may be other possible variations.


Theorycrafting: Helmets!

What's the best helmet in game? What helmet should I use? Is the difference really that big?? Help!

Don't worry, todays episode of silvercats theorycraft covers this and much more.

So I'm gonna organize this chronologically by level.

How to VirtualBox

Do you want to run Realm on a modern operating system? Do you have a modern monitor, but the Realm window is so tiny? Then look no further, for I have the answer!

What you want is to run it in a VirtualBox. It will let you run an old operating system within your modern system (Realm was designed at the Windows 2000 era, so that's what should work best in theory). It will let you resize your window.

Here's what you do:


Forum now open

The poll has spoken!

The Forums are now open. You can all register accounts, but I've had to compromise by making a very difficult CAPTCHA to prevent spam (I've had spam issues before). I'll be happy to take suggestions on how the forum should be structured, not that I expect that many active users...


Theorycrafting: Weapons

Welcome to the first section of Silvercats Theories on the Realm Online. What's the best weapon in the game? Which helm is the best? In this section, I try to answer these questions and more!

The first thing I'll cover are weapons. What is the best weapon?

Okay, there are a few quite obvious things I'll cover first: The IC is the most destructive weapon, if you're an elf wizard you'll probably want Enid's Needle, and that Giant Thieves became popular after Duach's Thorn. But what about all those other cases?

2014 update

Great news everyone! First of all, I'd like to welcome Greyhame as a co-maintainer of this website. He has been filling out lots of missing information on gear and spells already, and has added many new items that I had missed. Hopefully you should find this site more complete now.

Speaking of completeness, a guide to Dragon Pit has also been added, shamelessly stolen from VeraGemini's blog.



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